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Mawal Restaurant is a family owned business creating food from recipes passed down through generations delivering an authentic, mouth watering experience that will be sure to excite your taste buds.

We are passionate about food and create our falafels and schawarma and other foods with only the finest and freshest products.

We believe that the falafels being served to us these days are below standard and have neither the texture, nor spice of what a real falafel should taste like.

Our signature falafel have a crispy outer shell delivering a satisfying crunch and a rewarding soft stuffing with all the warmth of Middle Eastern spices created with our own secret blend.

Our falafel sandwiches enriched with a delicious green goodness salad and our homemade tangy mango sauce.

You truly have not had an authentic Lebanese until you have had a one of Mawal dishes.



 we have maintained an excellent level of food quality and taste throughout the years and our sandwiches and dishes been tasted by people from all over the worlds.

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